June 1, 2024

Kodial Glass Viewports

Kodial Glass Viewports

SST is happy to announce the addition of Kodial glass viewports to our catalog! We are constantly looking for ways to expand our product offering to better suit our customers' needs. And throughout 2024, we will be adding various viewport products. This month we are excited to feature our new Kodial viewports.

The benefits of Kodial glass viewports in a vacuum setting:

  • Superior Strength and Clarity: Compared to standard glass options, Kodial glass offers superior mechanical strength to endure the pressure differentials in a vacuum chamber without compromising its structural integrity. It is also well known for its low coefficient of thermal expansion, making it more resistant to thermal shock than regular glass. Additionally, Kodial glass boasts excellent optical properties, delivering a clear and undistorted view of the chamber's interior for optimal observation.
  • UHV Compatibility and Minimized Outgassing: For applications requiring ultra-high vacuum (UHV) environments, Kodial glass is an ideal choice due to its exceptionally low outgassing rate. This minimizes the release of gas molecules from the viewport itself, which can contaminate the delicate vacuum and disrupt sensitive processes.
  • Versatility and Customization: Kodial glass viewports cater to a wide range of vacuum applications. They are suitable for basic observation purposes in research settings or high-temperature processes like thermal evaporation. Moreover, Kodial viewports can be customized to suit your application. If you have a custom need, please reach out via our contact forms either through the relevant product page or our contact page. Our team is always happy to help.

Overall, Kodial glass viewports stand out for their exceptional strength, optical clarity, UHV compatibility, and versatility. These qualities make them a preferred choice for applications demanding reliable visual access into vacuum chambers.

At SST we offer various viewport configurations with Kodial glass as a window material, along with customization options to suit specific needs.

As an industry stalwart, SST has a proven track record in designing and manufacturing high-performance feedthroughs and related solutions like viewports for vacuum environments. Our ever-expanding product catalog now includes the above Kodial glass viewports, and our team offers customization options for viewport flanges and dimensions to ensure compatibility with your existing vacuum chamber setup.

We work with customers from industries around the world. Common applications that see benefits from Kodial glass viewports in a vacuum setting include:

  • Research & Development: Observing processes within vacuum chambers for research purposes in physics, chemistry, and materials science
  • Thin-Film Deposition: Monitoring the deposition of thin films onto substrates for applications like microelectronics and optics
  • Optoelectronic Device Fabrication: Visually inspecting the production of optoelectronic devices like lasers and detectors within a vacuum chamber
  • Vacuum Soldering: Observing the soldering process for vacuum-sealed components used in electronics and high-performance equipment
  • Particle Accelerators: Enabling visual access into particle accelerator components for maintenance and research

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