December 13, 2019

New Product: Sub-D Power Connectors and Accessories

New Product: Sub-D Power Connectors and Accessories

Solid Sealing Technology has introduced our new Sub-D Power Connectors and line of related accessories for both air-side and vacuum-side use.

Key Features include:

  • Glass-ceramic sealed, high-power, gold-plated contacts (0.142” diameter) integrated into standard format stainless-steel D-sub housing
  • Vacuum-compatible plug connectors featuring PEEK housings with strain relief options
  • Economical air-side plugs utilize stamped metal housing with plastic insulators
  • Plug contacts feature gold-plated machined bodies with a standard crimp ferrule for quick termination
  • Custom power and signal combinations are available within the same D-sub housing (call or email SST for details and options)
  • SST can integrate the Power D-Sub into a flange with other combinations of standard feedthroughs

Visit our online catalog to view the latest products and options. If you have a custom request, please let us know! Our engineers are always happy to help and have decades of experience designing custom feedthroughs.

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