April 8, 2021

New Product Line: SST Micro Series

New Product Line: SST Micro Series

Solid Sealing Technology has introduced our new Micro Series. The series includes micro-c and micro-d+ connectors and related accessories.

The new Micro-C and Micro-D+ connectors are the industry’s smallest hermetic feedthroughs offering crimp-type contacts. And to compliment the feedthroughs, SST has designed air-side and vacuum-side plugs for a complete solution. Using contacts with Mil-Spec type crimp barrels, you can build custom cables with ease and terminate plugs in house or in the field with just a few hand tools.

SST’s Micro Series takes advantage of our proven glass-ceramic sealing technology and its track record of reliable performance and hermeticity. Both the Micro-C and Micro-D+ use 0.018” diameter, hermetically-sealed conductors. This size allows us to offer much greater pin density without having to increase the overall part footprint. The Micro-C can be constructed with six times the number of signal contacts in the same space as our traditional 26482-style interface. Combined with our threaded coupling plug, you can also quickly and easily connect to the feedthrough without additional tools.

Key Features include:

  • High-density design provides 19 signals in a 0.740" TIG-weld mount diameter (0.600" laser-weld diameter)
  • One of the highest-density hermetic feedthroughs offering vacuum-side plugs that can be wired by customers without the need for potting
  • Double-ended design provides quick connection in and out of the vacuum environment. SST's vacuum-side plug leads the market in available pin density.
  • Simple threaded coupling for easy connecting
  • Crimp-type removeable socket contacts, allowing for quick and easy termination.
  • Plug connectors are made from PEEK and stainless steel for low outgassing performance.
  • Plug accommodates 28-32 awg wire (max insulation diameter of 0.030”)
  • Plugs are available without wiring (for customer assembly) or pre-wired with FEP or Kapton insulated wire.
  • Feedthroughs can be supplied pre-welded into common vacuum flanges in combination with other feedthroughs.
  • Minimum dielelectric withstanding voltage: 250VDC
  • 100% of product is leak-tested on a helium mass spectrometer and guarantees a leak rate of less than 1x10-10 atm.cc/sec
  • More pin counts coming soon! Contact us today to make a request.

Visit our catalog of feedthroughs and connectors to view the latest products and options. If you have a custom request, please let us know! Our engineers are always happy to help and have decades of experience designing custom feedthroughs.

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